Feb 25, 2009

New York: Sightseeing on foot
Things to see in New York walking:
I walked 20 km in 11 hrs with a 1/2 break to go up to the top of the Empire State building, 2 coffee breaks, a lunch break and a bit of shopping along the way. Advice: Wear good shoes. Souvenirs are cheaper near 34th and Park Ave than near the Met and Zoo. I started at the Metropolitan Museum of Art at 8:30 am, watched the animated bronze clock chime at 9 am at Central Park Zoo. Walking and shopping along 5th Ave., reached the Empire Landmark at noon, ($20) spent a 1/2 hr at the top. Shopping along the way, past Ground Zero and through World Trade Center to Battery Park. People were friendly and helpful. Walked along the shore with the Statue of Liberty in the distance for about 1/2 hr to Pier A at 3:30 pm, I headed back up to the famous bull statue, late lunch just past the bull statue 9 (6$). Walked to 14th, 4:30pm loosing light, took a cab to 42nd and 3rd (7$), saw Grand Central Station, walked to Times square, spent about 1/2 hr there, and walked back to the Metropolitan Museum of Art by 7:30pm. Whew! What a day! I highly recommend it!

Click here to see my Google Map log of sightseeing on foot in New York

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