Aug 19, 2009

Wildlife Murals by Kim Hunter - Hyde Creek Port Coquitlam BC

Hyde Creek Watershed Society commissions the second of 4 large Murals. The first was "Autumn" - local landscape, wildlife and salmon cycle exterior 50 x 10 ft. oil painting by Vancouver Artist / Designer Kim Hunter for The Hyde Creek Education Center & Hatchery in Port Coquitlam, BC Click Here for details. The second of 4 exterior full wall murals "Summer" 40 x 10 ft. is now finished Sept. 09. The final walls are to be completed this spring / summer.
Visit Hyde Creek Watershed Society to book a tour.

Hyde Creek and my art makes the newspaper! I am back in the spring when the weather is dryer to complete Spring and Winter at Hyde Creek (the final walls). Looking forward to it! Click Here to see the details.

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