Apr 10, 2011

Kid's Arctic Art Fund Penny Drive

Kid's Arctic Art Incentive Online
We are raising funds for our first Kid's Arctic Art Incentive with a Penny Drive!
Donate the pennies in your pockets, or gathering dust in that jar. Donations are now being accepted for our non-profit fund. Our first official deposit will be this week. We've added a virtual "drop your pennies in the box" on our site. Click Here to Donate Online. Feel free to make little donations online. Kid's Arctic Art Incentive is a certified non-profit program. We can't do it without you.
Call for Art! We are warming up with a Mini Contest - Draw Your Favorite Animal. Submit your Drawing Online. Voting is open to everyone online following the closing date for submissions. Visit us online for details.  http://kimhunter.ca/ArcticArt


Don Davidson said...

What are the time lines for this drive?

Kim Hunter / Indigo said...

Hi Don, The incentive is ongoing. We will be running another contest to coincide with the Art Show in Churchill. Last year's contest was postponed, but as well work out the kinks, contests and awards will be a regular event. Thank you for your interest. You can visit http://kimhunter.ca/ArcticArt/ for details and upcoming events.