Jun 10, 2011

Harper Government Censors YouTube Video

Canadian Government Censors Youtube
and again: House of Commons Censors Youtube Video
 and again: Government Censors Protesters Freedom of Speach

So you want to share information about an ILLEGAL TAX in Canada? Prepare to be gagged. Our government is now monitoring our chats with a new initiative to "correct misinformation on political views". See Video
Has our country under the reign of the "Harper Government" (Petition) officially turned Canada into a police state? New thousand dollar "Protest Fees" for protest of any kind or be subject to arrests for "illegal protest" are now in place. The illegal incarceration and attacks on over a thousand civilians justified by a 'secret law' passed to allow for spontaneous (and what seemed beautifully choreographed) Marshal Law is now allowed to take place unchallenged. Are our human rights in Canada being taken away?
In lights of these events, I thought Canada may be heading toward a Police State.

Now with the outright censoring of  YouTube when the "Harper Government" finds some truth posted  that might bring to light and compromise their illegal behavior. See Article
Google posts the requests by Governements for removal of content as part of their freedom of information policy (see google statistics on government removing content)

After a quick search, I see public outcry forced the scrapping of  Bill C10 that would have given the "Harper Government" free reign over all film and video. But the web is since free reign? This stranglehold on our free speech resembles that of a tyrant's dictatorship. If our civil liberties are allowed to be trampled on in such blatant disregard and we continue to endorse this tyrant, further oppression will surely follow. My Metis blood is boiling, and I don't anger easily.


Frank Godon said...

Your title "Canadian Government Censors Youtube" is misleading as the link (http://jesse.kline.ca/blog/61-new-media/131-ctf-censored-by-youtube) doesn't even have these words in it and there is no mention of the "Canadian government censoring Youtube. The same with your title "Government Orders Censorship of Protest Videos" and the link (http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2010/10/15/canadian-protester-barred-speaking-press/) is talking about a protestors bail conditions (which I will agree is ridiculous) but again has nothing to do with the government censoring protest videos. I did a search on Youtube for videos speaking out against "Harpers government" and found lots of them, so if the government or Harper is doing this why are there so many videos? Give the man the four to five years he has gained in the last election and if he screws up get rid of him in the next election.But I think his direction is what this country needs after being poisoned by the liberal socialists the last few decades

Kim Hunter / Indigo said...

Frank, I have updated the links to reflect Canadian content.
Thanks for the heads up on the incorrect link.