Dec 5, 2011


STOP Harper's C10 Crime Bill Petition:
Click NOW or NEVER

Public pressure pushed back and stalled these corporate profit prisons once. We can do it again.

Stop the Crimebill Petition : 459,915 messages sent and counting.
-Send an urgent message to your province’s Senators, asking them to rise above partisan politics, look at the evidence, and make Canada safer, not meaner. link

109,411 signatures and counting.
Stop the Crime Bill Petition Sign Online
We must insist that our public servants do what is best for the citizens of Canada and not some private prison developer. As a private corporation, crime does pay if the collateral damage is "just" the Canadian constitution. Please sign the petition above to add your voice to the hundreds of thousands to stop Harper's cruel crime bill.  link

During a time in Canada when the crime rates are the LOWEST since 1970 Harper cuts social and public serves while investing taxpayers money in more in jails. $20 000 000 000 of taxpayers money just to build the jails Canada currently does not need... privatized prisons... harsher youth sentencing... cuts to public services... sounds like more private returns with the ultimate public liability... sound lucrative for someone who has no soul. What other reason could there be for these diabolical actions?

Texas tried it... cost billions... crime grew... switched to reform and treatment... saved billions. Texas gov. wrote Harper to tell him the error of this bill as did many of our public servants here in Canada
I'm starting to wonder if our "leader's" head is right.

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Stop the Crime Bill Petition   459,915 signatures and counting online petition 1
-Send an urgent message to your province’s Senators, asking them to rise above partisan politics, look at the evidence, and make Canada safer, not meaner.
Stop Harper's Cruel Crime Bill 109 000+ signatures and counting online petition 2  Source
70% of incarcerations are addiction or mental health related in Canada while a disproportionate number are First Nations. Texas learned the hard way... $billions for incarceration replaced with $millions for treatment, while creating a productive society instead of perpetuating more crime. Two provinces have refused to pay for Harper's new toy. Now his own constituents are voicing their concern: Source 
Open Media petitions stopped him once. Freedom of information in Canada is being threatened. 123000+ signatures and counting: "I oppose any provisions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement that would expand the power of conglomerates, including by criminalizing or otherwise restricting the use of the Internet. I oppose an online environment that lets big media conglomerates invade my privacy, remove online content on demand, saddle me with heavy fines, or terminate my access to the Internet." 
" it’s not regulators or the government that want to close the Internet in Canada. Rather, it’s the lobbying arms of big corporations that push for policies that favour their own narrow interests."
Stop Canada's Harper Government Unwarranted Online Spying
51,468 signatures and counting: 
Corporate Profit Prisons Mr. (had his come-up-ins in the tarsands) Harper shows his true colours:  Enbridge executive’s company awarded first crime Bill C-10 $38.5-million prison project
Our Government no longer represents the Canadian People but Corporate Interests. CETA is a prime example of this. See posts below. RCMP, Scientists, Media, MP's gagged by our Harper Government... working on the www. what next? Harper muzzles scientists once again: The Harper Government imposes indefinite gag order on public domain scientists.Source  Source
The same people who incited a State review for scandal, misinformation and conflict of interest associated with the Keystone XL pipeline are directly connected to the Harper Government: Source
Canada's Energy Minister is paid off by 
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, followed by the Oil Sands Developers Group and companies like Shell and Enbridge to the tune of $180 000. Source

Stephan Harper renames the Government of Canada the Harper Government and then denies it.Source

Canada's Harper Government uses obstruction of justice as a systematic tool to disrupt our democracy.
Government Watchdogs Fired or Forced Out by Prime Minister Harper 
Lying is Now a Legitimate Government Practice
Conservatives call opponents supporters and lie to them. Then are allowed to do so because they were merely "spreading a rumour". Rather than being held accountable,
Canadians were told that lying is vital free speech – and must be protected, not prevented, by our laws.
Harper Government Wants Limitless Online Surveillance
"Canada’s privacy commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart, along with every provincial privacy commissioner in the country, sent Public Safety Canada a letter expressing their concerns about the lawful access bill. Namely, they didn’t see any need for it" Source
Accountability, truth, democracy and humanity are now stripped from Canadian politics. Blind faith is all that's left, since every other Canadian institution is quickly being stripped away. Source 
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