Feb 12, 2012

Northern Gateway Pipeline Protect BC and our Coast

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Enbridge isn't fit to build sausage casings. In Alberta on June 18th, an Enbridge pipeline leaked 230,000 litres of heavy crude oil  Enbridge oil leak at a pumping station near Elk Point. This oil spill follow another spill of  spilled 28,000 barrels in northern Alberta Read more Another Alberta pipeline spilled 19,500 barrels in May at Rainbow Lake was only spotted by chance. Source That makes 100 oil and gas leaks in Canada this last year alone. Source
Yup, another Enbridge oil spill by. This time in Wisconsin Friday July 27th, spilling another 190,000 litres of oil. The US shut Enbridge down upon further review.  This on the anniversary of millions of barrels contaminating the Kalamazoo, or which Enbridge knew about small cracks in the pipeline for five years.
Also in July, a 40 year old Enbridge chemical spill seeping contamination in Regina halted construction. And.. Dangerously exposed Enbridge pipelines in Ontario in what is soon to be a national park.
Our gov. answer, call anyone who opposes these bitumen dreams an extremist? Cut air pollution monitoring, cuts marine pollution monitoring, cuts environmental scientist, who else is a threat to bitumen pipeline profits? FisheriesFirst NationsUnionsHealthcareMigrant Workers Rights, WomenAuditor General, will Churches be next since they have voiced their opposition?
Have you seen 805-Oil-Spill-Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipeline propaganda commercials?  This version is much closer to the truth. Although they say "could" damage. With 804 (+1) (update +2) oils spills based on their own records, Enbridge "will" damage BC.

On a good note, I seen we are no longer bombarded by Enbridge Northern Gateway commercials.
And it seems Alberta tarsands / oilsands have seen record losses this last quarter. The fact that other countries are flourishing with clean energy alternatives makes this devastation all the more asinine.

Too true! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGrgxaewsiQ

Considering Christy Clark, our BC Premier was undemocratically "appointed", and still has her involvement of the BC Rail privatization scandal hanging over her head, we can expect no less. Clark replaces chief staff with Tory strategist former Enbridge lobbyist
I've learned it's the chemicals they need to add to bitumen that makes it the seizure / cancer / deathly toxic sludge we see in the Kalamazoo. When it's transported by truck or train, there is no need for these additives. Seems even the industry doesn't know what's in it! Source 
Northern Gateway Pipeline is NOT worth the dire risks to health, economy and land. Risking 20 000 existing jobs and $ billions in existing industries for 560 Enbridge pipeline jobs is ridiculous. When asked "Do you support the Northern Gateway Pipeline", results show Only seven per cent said they supported the pipeline unreservedly. Source 80% of Canadians oppose the Northern Gateway Pipeline. 1: Northern Gateway Pipeline Poll. 2: Northern Gateway Pipeline Poll, 3: Northern Gateway Pipeline Poll and their proposed 200+ supertankers threatening our BC coast. Industry funded opinion polls released were found to be untrue. Enbridge has had 803+ oil spills (based on their own records (update 805) (update
806) . 180 First Nations tribes who would be most affected stand united against these bullies. Yet Harper labels those opposed as foreign funded radical environmentalists. $Billions in existing industries are threatened. Of 4000+ speakers scheduled at the hearings, 12 are foreign funded, all 12 are big oil backers. Yet the bullying continues. Now our Canadian, uh, Harper government wants to sanction First Nations funding for opposing the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline. Alberta commonly sells Waivers of Law to Corps (*I read 4000+ to date) When Amnesty needs to help the poisoned and dying communities subject to these practices downstream, our government's answer is 20 years of litigation.
The public hearing has virtually gagged all testimony to silence environmental, scientific, economic and health concerns. Moratoriums keeping oil tankers out of BC waters has mysteriously gone missing. Endangered Orca has legal protection again this week in court. 805-Oil-Spill-Enbridge and Canada's "Harper government" troll off to China to sell a pipe dream, Canada's resources and our sovereignty in exchange paying $1000+ a day for rented panda's.  By all accounts, what our gov. is subjecting us to is illegal and quite frankly treasonous.  B.C. oil tanker ban motion passes in Commons. If this "deal" ever comes to be more than oil exec pillow-talk, we will know for certain that Canada is no longer a democracy.

The chart to the left shows the current damage and the proposed damage
of bitumen tarsands extraction and projections.
*The list of the waiver of law link is dead, if someone knows where to find it, please send me the link)
Speaking of democracy.. Listening to our parliament on CPAC I see there are deep concerns about this budget and the attempted manipulation of our democracy. Nationwide protests were spurred by this "bill C38"The blackoutspeakout.ca saw 500+ websites go dark in protest of the Harper government's proposed Bill C38. Fair wages, citizens rights, pensions, protection to water, governance and our democracy would all be compromised or destroyed with this budget" bill. 400+ page "omnibill" and 3/4 of it destroys laws in order to circumvent Canadian's protection our land and civil rights. Corp. shill at it's finest. Our gov. answer is not to make it right, but to go on a national propaganda blitz. War and Prisons are the only winners in this "bill" What can we expect from a mans who owes everything to prison profiteers and bitumen. (Conservatives have spent $26 million on "job action" propaganda alone while making the average job pay $10 000 less than before 08). Do we really want to hand over our protections, rights and democracy for corp. tarsands profits for China and 805-oil-spill-Enbridge? The threats to BC economy and our coast for an estimated 100+ pipe jobs per province is asinine. This bill c38 would destroy BC and Canada's economy.
This "Budget Bill" is the biggest threat Canada has ever witnessed. The Stop Bill C-38 online petition has received 36000+ signatures in only days. Please sign and share. Link
Update: Harper is right: Foreign radicals are after the oil sands
Koch and Communist China Source

This bitumen one track mind of our current administration in Canada is bad for the economy. Source
BC communities have spoken and they are not buying what Harper / Enbridge / China is peddling:
Victoria opposes Northern Gateway Pipeline: Source
Whistler council opposes pipeline: Source
Prince Rupert opposes pipeline: Source
Smithers opposes pipeline: Source
Vancouver and Burnaby opposes pipeline: Source
North Vancouver opposes pipelines: Source
Terrace opposes pipeline: Source
Comox opposes the Pipeline: Source
BC Metis Federation opposes pipeline: Source
Kelowna opposes pipeline: Source
North Vancouver's Tsleil-Waututh Nation opposes Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion Source
B.C.'s NDP put opposition to Enbridge oil pipeline in writing Source
Maple Ridge opposes Northern Gateway Pipeline Source
Unions oppose pipeline: Source
Over 100 First Nations communities oppose the pipeline: Source

 Pipeline opposition likely to grow as supertanker risk assessed

 CRY WOLF: An Unethical Oil Story

Mr. Derrick has embarrassed and shamed the Gitxsan people by undermining the 61 First Nations who are opposed to the project. The representatives say “We stand in solidarity to those opposing it.”
B.C. native chief who supported Northern Gateway appointed to federal board Source

B.C. has surrendered its sovereignty in pipeline hearings. Allan advises the premier,... there is a clause which empowers the province to terminate the arrangement with 30 days written notice. “This action will ensure that the public interest of the people of B.C. will be protected and will not be severely curtailed by the actions of the Government of Canada favouring primarily Alberta’s oil producers,” Source

Oil Sands: Legal Expert Says Alberta’s Tenure System Is Vulnerable to Constitutional Challenge
Ottawa to slash environment review role. Critics accuse Tories of 'abdicating' government's responsibility to protect environment The federal government is reducing the number of departments and agencies that can do environmental reviews from 40 to just three to speed up approvals for projects that will bolster Canada's economy, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said today. Source

Harper Government & Koch Brothers vs. Canadian Environment Source
Since the social relations protocol was implemented, the Harper government has been accused of numerous attempts to prevent public debate on environmental issues. Source

Koch Brothers' Activism Protects Their 50 Years in Canadian Heavy Oil 
I wonder if the $500 000 Koch gave Simon Fraser Institute has anything to do with our Big Oil shill gov. indoctrinating our youth? “Charitable” Fraser Institute accepted $500k in foreign funding from Koch oil billionaires Source
Is the Canadian's Harper Government and the Oil Companies Infiltrating School Children??
The Canadian Oil Sands Education Program | Inside Education
Inside Education shared a link.Wednesday, May 2 at 3:30pm
Inside Education is inviting teachers from across the country to see an important chapter of Canada’s energy story come to life by joining the Canadian Oil Sands Education Program.
Take a look - there's still time to register to attend in person and teachers can register to access free online resources for their classrooms http://www.ww7b.org/site/"

Albertans Get Bum Deal from Oil Industry: Report Source

Northern Gateway Pipeline Bad for the Economy

Economist Calls Gateway Pipeline an Inflationary 'Threat' Source

How the Tar Sands Threaten Canada's Economic Fate
Can the Canadian Economy Afford the Tar Sands? | Jeff Rubin Source

Enbridge Pipeline bad for Canada's Economy Source
Enbridge Oilsands Pipeline's Economic Damage Could Exceed $100 Billion  Source
Canada Is World’s Biggest Oil Loser With Price Spread Source
Tar Sands Oil Means High Gas Prices Source
Northern Gateway, Enbridge and Keystone Pipelines = Grand Theft of Fresh Water. Source

Watered Down: Overcoming Federal Inaction on the Impact of Oil Sands Development to Water Resources
Tories stick to their secretive ways in trying to hide major policy shift Source 

"Enbridge’s own submission to the Joint Review Panel on the Northern Gateway pipeline suggests that the operations phase would create perhaps as few as 104 permanent jobs,.." Source

806 - Oil - Spill - Enbridge admits they can't clean up their oil spills. After 806, they would know. The BC rockies should definitely out of the equation then. Maybe they should study the seismic activity of the west coast.
Majority of tarsands profit leaves Canada Source
Canada's democracy is in peril. Tories rigged environment committee to gut review process: opposition 

No Northern Gateway Pipeline What's at Stake?
Oil in Eden: The Battle to Protect Canada's Pacific Coast

Say No Northern Gateway Pipeline. Stop Enbridge. Restore Canada's Democracy.  Help Protect BC from the proven devastation caused by Enbridge and our government.
No Northern Gateway Pipeline Petitions Online:
40 On-line No Northern Gateway Petitions Compiled for Easy Clicking ♥
Please help end the threat of tyranny from our government and 805-Oil-Spill-Enbridge
1: Petition: Tell the BC Government Say NO to Oil Supertankers on our coast.
2: Send a letter online - Stop the threats! Lead Now demand Prime Minister Harper stop the threats, and ensure fair hearings that let Canadians decide if the project is in our best interests. http://www.leadnow.ca/
3: Sign online petition - To the governments of Canada and British Columbia:
"A single Exxon Valdez-like spill would be catastrophic to thousands of families and coastal livelihoods, entire cultures and a spectacular diversity of life. Stop the expansion of oil supertanker traffic through B.C.'s coastal waters." DogwoodInitiative.org

4: Sign online petition - Canadians against the oil sands, 350.org "As a Canadian, I stand with people all over the world who are opposed to burning the oil sands, and demand that our leaders stop their campaign to discredit the movement to stop the pipeline."
5: Sign online petition - End Plans to Construct the Northern Gateway Pipeline! "Tell Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Don't let the United States and Asia use Canada as their oil field at the expense of our people .... " http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/628/194/708/
6: Send a letter online - Letter of Comment: Send a letter Online to the Joint Review Panel of the Northern Gateway Pipeline
7: Sign petition online - We Will Not Be Silenced Forest Ethics
I speak for future generations. I speak for our ability to openly debate the issues. And I demand that the government stop its attack on democracy, our citizens, and our wilderness. http://wewillnotbesilenced.ca/
8: Sign petition online - Save the Great Bear Rainforest From 805-Oil-Spill-Enbridge
9: Write a Letter to your MLA - Take a moment to write a letter and tell your MLA and MP that you oppose Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline. (Even unions opposes the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline)
10: Online petition: Tell Minister Joe Oliver and your MP that we won’t be silenced by his threats and smears. We live in a democracy, and we have the right to express our views on Enbridge’s oil tankers plans. 

11: Tell the Federal Joint Review Panel why YOU oppose 805 Oil Spill Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipeline Project On- line or Snail Mail:

12: Joint Review Panel  - Enbridge Northern Gateway Project
444 Seventh Avenue S.W., 2nd floor mailroom

S.W. Calgary , AB T2P 0X8
13. Online Petition: Protect BC's Sacred Headwater
Tell B.C.'s government to make a plan to permanently protect the Sacred Headwaters.

14: Keep Protection of Habitat in the Canada Fisheries Act! Our gov. is trying to gut our limited environmental protection laws Online Petition:


15: Save the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act from further gutting! Online Petition thepetitionsite.com/813/378/321/save-the-canadian-environmental-assessment-act/

16: First Nations Demand Consultation on Proposed Changes to Canada's Environmental Laws.
Send a letter Deadline March 29th 2012

17: Stop the Rollback on Canada's Environmental Laws That are Clearly Attacked in Our 2012 budget:

Online Poll Do you support 805 Oil Spill Enbridge's proposal to build the Northern Gateway oil pipeline? 85% polled Oppose the Northern Gateway Pipeline, 13% support the Northern Gateway Pipeline and 2% are undecided.

18: End Plans to Construct the Northern Gateway Pipeline! - The Petition Site

Online Petition: We oppose public handouts to private oil companies. 
3.78 Million of taxpayer's money is given to Big Oil EVERY DAY! That's $157 000 every hour!

20: End Plans to Construct the Northern Gateway Pipeline! - The Petition Site
21: Tell Stephen Harper: Environmentalists Aren't Terrorists

22: Stop the Rollback of Canada's Environmental Laws
Petition  Stop the Enbridge Pipeline and Tanker Project

23: Petition: Tell the BC Government Say NO to Oil Supertankers on our coast.

24: Petition: Oil tankers and oil pipelines too great a risk: Canadians for the Great Bear

25: Petition Prime Minister of Canada: Remove all changes to environmental policies from bill C-38 change.org/petitions/prime-minister-of-canada-remove-all-changes-to-environmental-policies-from-bill-c-38
26: Petition  Vote of Non-confidence for Canada's current Harper regime: We, the undersigned Canadian citizens, therefore call on the House of Commons assembled to vote immediately a vote of non-confidence in the current government, allowing for the current Parliament's subsequent dissolution and the call for a new federal general election.

27: Send a letter online - Stop the Enbridge Pipeline
28 Petition:  We call on Parliament to recognize the decision that has been taken by the Yinka Dene Alliance and other First Nations to ban tar sands pipelines and tankers in their lands and waters - including the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project.
29: Petition: Tell Finance Minister Jim Flaherty: Stop the Budget Bill from Selling Out Canada's Natural Heritage and Economy. 

30: Petition:
Alberta oil is eating up caribou habitat, threatening the species. Our gov. answer? Kill the wolves. Yellowstone has proved this has dire consequences on ecosystems, but yet, here we are: online.nwf.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1479&autologin=true&s_src=WildlifePromise
Our 2012 budget makes crystal clear the treasonous Corp. pipeline agenda of our Prime Minister, (under investigation for Election Fraud), so he guts Election Canada by 100 million+  and our environmental protections and democratic processes. We are officially a fascist country under our current administration.
31: Canadian Election Fraud Petition: Sign the petition against the Election Fraud that destroyed our democracy: 

Petition: "We must immediately abandon Bill C-38, and ensure that any future legislation on the environment receives adequate study and debate...."
33: Stop Enbridge Tarsands Pipeline in Canada

34: The Stop Bill C-38 online petition has received 36000+ signatures in only days.
Please sign and share.

35: Stop the Budget Bill from Selling Out Canada's Natural Heritage and Economy.

36: STAND WITH THE YINKA DENE and STOP ENBRIDGE NOW freedomtrain2012.nationbuilder.com
Until these companies clean up and repair the mess they already have, we need not more damage.
This would help too:
Online Petition End Polluter Subsidies: 

Online Petition End Fossil Fuel Subsidies net over 1 million signatures and counting: salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/455/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=10455
Online Petition: Keep Alberta tarsands in the ground. Call on BC's (never voted in) Premier to reject the Northern Gateway pipeline avaaz.org/en/24_hours_to_landlock_the_tar_sands/?tptVgab

40: Tell Christy Clark to keep the Great Bear Rainforest tanker free


Know that every petition, every click of a "like" or a "share, every tweet we twitter and blog we write, every conversation we have is making a difference. Knowledge is power. A compassionate life can move mountains, or in this case stop them from destroying Canada. While other countries prove alternatives work, we must fight the corp. tyranny of our leaders bitumen behavior. Another good note, seems big oil is loosing it's appeal globally. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2012/07/25/canada-oil-gas-shrinking-profits_n_1702807.html
Sign ♥ Share ♥ Smile
Short Documentary showing what is Truly at Risk. One of Many
The Mystery of the Missing Oil Tanker Moratorium:
Tar tankers: The mystery of the missing moratorium
By Blair Redlin | January 6, 2010
Surprise, surprise. The Harper Conservative government (and their allies in the Campbell Liberal government of B.C.) have simply made the moratorium disappear. Indeed, they deny it ever existed at all.
Appeal court decision affirms protection for killer whales
off the coast of BC - Source
The House of Commons has adopted an NDP motion calling for a ban on crude-oil tanker traffic off British Columbia's north coast. Source

Harper Threatens to Sanction Funding

Canadian PM Harper threatens de-funding charities that oppose him, labels them "enemies of Canada"
Courts protect Treaty Rights for the First Nations against the devastation by the hands of big business: Source

More treasonous behavior by our Canadian government Alberta Ottawa and Oil Lobbyist form a "Secret Committee"
Update: Tarsands CEO is Charged and Sentenced 4 years in jail for Ecocide by a UK mock trial: This sets a precedent when (not if) our own gov. tries to break our Oil Tanker Moratorium on BC's coast. Source

This would fix our democracy worldwide right quick! Corps and Gov make for oppressive thieving bedfellows. Get Banks and Corps out of the G20 Petition:  http://www.avaaz.org/en/

Our Canadian, sorry Harper Government is out of control. Trying to pass a 400 page bill with 1/3 of it attempting to destroy environmental protections and laws in Canada. This tyrant want to take us back to the 70's, which we just learned still has thousands of contaminated sites that need addressing. "It’s a statutory juggernaut that introduces, amends, or repeals nearly 70 federal laws" Source
Poll: Should the changes to environmental law be pulled out of the budget implementation bill? Let us know what you think. Poll 
This "bill c38" would see changes to 70 different laws in Canada. MSM makes it sound like it is only about the enviro. Misinformation working?? Every community threatened have officially opposed these "deals". I thought only sociopaths don't hear NO.
The Damage of the tarsands can not be undone. Reclamation is woefully inadequate: Source Reclamation an Illusion in the Alberta Tarsands / Oil Sands  Source

2: http://www.globalnews.ca/

3: http://

Please help us protect our land, health and economy and our future  from the tyranny of big oil.

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