Oct 16, 2011

Occupy Vancouver - Global Revolution - Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Vancouver Canada
♥ We Just got back from the Occupy Vancouver Global Revolution rally and march. It was amazing. 4000 voices, so many souls standing up for democracy and to make the world a better place. Joining 2200 cities worldwide in a collective outcry for change was really profound. ♥

Enjoy the video I compiled to commemorate the mass awakening of the world.
Most didn't even know of these atrocities our governments subjects us to. To no fault of their own, citizens have been mislead to support these horrors. Consumers now cannot ignore the part they play for the 1%. People can no longer feed the status-quo and fain ignorance. B
ringing to light issues that compromise everyone, in a way I've never seen before in my lifetime was a profound experience.

Get corporations out of our governments. Represent the people, not self interest not the elite.
The corruption of the 1% is compromising our health, our land, our water, our freedoms, and our future. What was hidden is now clear.  

From Keystone to Monsanto, the government's practice of endorsing these atrocities can no longer be hidden. The message has rung out loud and clear worldwide. When people respond with their pocketbooks, this will be the change. Knowledge is power. We are the change.

The World vs. Wall Street Petition
Avaaz petition has hit 800 000 signatures and counting. Knowledge is power. We stand with you in this struggle for real democracy. Together we can end the capture and corruption of our governments by corporate and wealthy elites, and hold our politicians accountable to serve the public interest. We are united - the time for change has come!

Wow. 436 000 signatures and counting! ♥
G20 - People in, corporate sponsors out
"As citizens concerned about the economic crisis we urge you to clean up the G20 summit. Corporate sponsors have been allowed access and visibility, while people are excluded. Corporate sponsorship of this and subsequent summits must be rejected."

Click to kick the corporate sponsors out of the G20


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